IT Requirements

In advance of the SIM, we ask that you review the demo video above. You can also access a Transcript of the demo.
The following minimum requirements are necessary in order to take the SIM. Although we have included various links to assist you with assessing your systems, please review and confirm with your program’s IT liaison that all requirements are appropriately installed and working prior to scheduling the SIM. Once your systems are enabled, please access the short simulation test below to confirm system readiness. Please note that at this time, we are only able to deliver the SIM using the Microsoft Windows operating system.


Image Viewer

The SIM uses Visage as the image viewer. Visage is a thin-client viewer. This means that there is a download and installation process. Please follow the below instructions to install and download Visage. To subsequently access the SIM via Visage, residents should log into the SIM ( and select the SIM identified as “Visage”.

For programs already using Visage at their institution

  • Check the Visage version number that your institution is using. The SIM has been setup for versions 7.1.6,  7.1.7 and 7.1.8. If your institution is using a different version number, there are two options available:

Update Visage using the steps below for new installation

Contact the ACR for support at (have your institution’s version number available)

For programs not using Visage at their institution





Once Visage has been installed, enter the following information exactly as it appears below in the Visage Client login box:
  • Server Name:
  • User Name: student
  • Password: Welcome2RCM$
  • Select “Auto Launch” and check the following two boxes
    • “Start Auto Launch Server when I log into the system”
    • “Run Auto Launch Server”
  • Select “Ok”
  • Select “Login”
  • Open either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and proceed with the SIM. Please note that the SIM does not run on Internet Explorer.

Minimum Hardware (PC) Requirements

  • CPU: 1GHz Intel processor, or faster
  • Memory (RAM): 8GB
  • Monitors: Two 19” monitors w/ 1280 X 1024 (4:3) or 1440 X 900 (16:10) resolution. Please note that two monitors are required – one to display the data entry screen and one to display the image viewer. The SIM will not function properly if only one monitor is used.

Minimum Internet Connection Requirements

Browser Requirements

Allow Cookies

Enable JavaScript

Disable Pop-Up Blockers