A Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Initiative using an Emergent and Critical Care Imaging Simulation for Resident Training toward Entrustable Professional Activity
Ashish; Scherer; Lanier; Mancuso; Wymer
Poster presented at 2015 ACR Annual Meeting in Washington DC; *Awarded Gold-Merit Abstract Award for Quality and Safety

Using Simulation to Identify Knowledge Gaps and Improve Resident Competency in Emergent/Critical Care Imaging
Lanier; Slater; Sistrom; Mancuso; Thoburn; Verma; Mohammed; Old Crow; Batmunh; Tieden
Poster presented at 2016 UF Health Patient Safety and Quality Week

Most Frequently Missed Diagnosis: Retropharyngeal Suppurative Lymphadenitis
Shah; Lanier; Sistrom; Rajderkar; Ghaffari; Mancuso; Schmalfuss
Abstract presented at 2016 RSNA

Chiari I: Well Known, Not Well Recorgnized
Brown; Lanier; Sistrom; Slater; Rajderkar; Schmalfuss; Mancuso
Abstract presented at 2016 RSNA

Do Not Miss This Diagnosis: Discitis/Osteomyelitis
Ghaffari; Lanier; Sistrom; Slater; Shah; Rajderkar; Mancuso; Schmalfuss
Abstract presented at 2016 RSNA

Neuroradiological Findings in Non-Accidental Trauma – Educational Pictorial Review
Moss; Lanier; Slater; Sistrom; Quisling; Schmalfuss; Rajderkar
Abstract presented at 2016 RSNA

Hyperdense Intracranial Vessels: Eliminating Observational & Interpretive Errors
Thornton; Lanier; Sistrom; Rajderkar; Mancuso; Schmalfuss
Abstract presented at 2016 RSNA

Improving Curriculum and Patient Care: Areas of Weakness Identified through the “Emergent/Critical Care Imaging Simulation
Abstract presented at 2016 RSNA