Pharyngeal, Neck and Facial Infections

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Pharyngeal, Neck and Facial Infections by Dr Anthony Mancuso

With additional modules for:

  • Pharyngitis-Tonsillitis
  • Suppurative Retropharyngeal Adenitis
  • Pharyngeal Origin Infection Infrahyoid Neck
  • Sialoadenitis
  • Odontogenic, Buccal-Masticator, FOM Infections
  • Deep Neck Infections Non Pharyngeal – Iatrogenic Origin
Anthony Mancuso, MD
Dr Anthony Mancuso
Possible facial, oral cavity, floor of the mouth or dental abscess, aggressive pharyngitis, tonsillar or peritonsillar abscess, retropharyngeal suppurative adenitis, retropharyngeal abscess or deep neck infection/abscess; Possible vascular complications of inflammatory or infectious conditions such as Lemierre syndrome. Throat pain, dysphagia, poor feeding, fever.

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  • Report Guide
    A detailed sample report guide with hyperlinked images and an accompanying video recording in which the essentials are reviewed.
  • Self-Evaluation Set
    Cases to try on your own with immediate feedback. Each case includes the full DICOM image set.
  • Sample Cases
    Review the actual report for each case and view an accompanying video in which the essentials of that case are reviewed.

Pharyngeal, Neck and Facial Infections Image