Modern Medical Education Essay Series: Season 1

Part 16 of Dr Anthony Mancuso’s “Modern Medical Education” essay series is now available on Tincture:

Dr Anthony Mancuso
Dr Anthony Mancuso

Part 15: Systemic Learning Gaps Discovered in Radiology Training

Part 14: Trust, Training and Certification

Part 13: Educating the Connected Adult Learner

Part 12: The Bloom Taxonomy – Building a Curriculum for the Adult Learner

Part 11: A New Foundation

Part 10: Answers for “Gaps” …. Within Our Grasp?

Part 9: Bridging Knowledge, Learning Styles, and Generational Gaps

Part 8: Three Ways Medical Education Could Better Serve the Modern Learner

Part 7: Mastering All Clinical Scenarios in Radiology: An Invitation to Harm?

Part 6: Real Experts and Tolerable Error

Part 5: Errors and “Experts”

Part 4: Competency or Passing the Boards? Every Patient Wants an Expert.

Part 3: Teaching to the Test

Part 2: See One, Do One, Teach One. Changing Our Approach to Postgraduate Medical Training

Part 1: Medical Education: How Did We Arrive at the Current State

Dr Anthony Mancuso, Chairman and Professor of Neuroradiology in the Department of Radiology with the College of Medicine at the University of Florida, is on a mission to modernize post graduate medical education. With his team at the University of Florida, he has spent the last several years developing a competency based curriculum and evaluation for radiology, based on modern learning theory.

In his essay series, Moving Towards Modern Medical Education and Training, Dr Mancuso examines in detail the pathway to modern learning and educational theory, and the outcome of the application of modern learning principles in this sphere of medical education.


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