New publication in the British Journal of Radiology

Please join us in recognizing pediatric radiologists, Drs. Priya Sharma and Dhanashree Rajderkar, along with the WIDI team on their recent publication Bubbles in the belly: How well do radiology trainees recognize pneumatosis in pedatric patients on plain film? in the British Journal of Radiology. This paper is the first to describe and assess the ability of the “on-call” radiology trainee to accurately recognize pneumatosis and report concerns for necrotizing enterocolitis and includes the largest cohort of radiology trainees evaluated to date.

associate professor

Priya Sharma, MD

Doctor Priya Giresh Sharma

associate professor

Dhanashree Rajderkar, MD

Dhanashree Rajderkar, MD

associate professor

Christopher Sistrom, MD

Dr Chris Sistrom

assistant professor

Roberta Slater, MD

Dr Robbie Slater

professor & chair

Anthony Mancuso, MD

Dr Anthony Mancuso