New study shows benefits of WIDI Case-Based Intro to Radiology

A new study about the Wisdom in Diagnostic Imaging (WIDI) Case-Based Intro to Radiology (CBIR) modules was recently published in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. The article discusses a focus group conducted to determine the effectiveness of the WIDI CBIR platform, as well as the teaching preferences of graduate and professional students. All of the participants rated WIDI CBIR highly in terms of effectiveness, quality, and content. The use of WIDI CBIR was strongly preferred by the group over the use of traditional didactic teaching.

Enhancing Radiology Education With a Case-Based Intro to Radiology on the UF WIDI e-Learning Platform was written by first-year resident, Dr. Kevin Pierre, along with Radiology faculty Dr. Roberta Slater, Dr. Christopher Sistrom, Dr. Shyam Sabat, Department Chair, Dr. Anthony Mancuso, and multiple UF College of Medicine students, Abheek Raviprasad, Ian Griffin, Jay Talati, and Michael Mathelier. Congratulations to you all!