Nines SIM Set Up and Instructions

The SIM is currently hosted through the American College of Radiology (ACR). Please fill out the following form to notify the WIDI SIM Team you are ready to schedule your Nines SIMulations.

  • If you are unsure, please visit ACR.ORG and log in to find your customer ID number.

Please setup and test your workstation at least two business days in advance of your SIM to allow time for troubleshooting.

For technical assistance, please call 352-594-5405 (available Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM ET).

Step 1: Setup Workstation to Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: We are only able to deliver the SIM using the Microsoft Windows operating system or Windows Parallels for Mac.
  • Hardware (PC) Requirements: 
    • CPU: 1GHz Intel processor, or faster
    • Memory (RAM): 8GB
    • Monitors: Two 19” monitors w/ 1280 X 1024 (4:3) or 1440 X 900 (16:10) resolution. Please note that two monitors are required – one to display the data entry screen and one to display the image viewer. The SIM will not function properly if only one monitor is used.
  • Minimum Internet Connection Requirements: At least 20 megabits; Ensure your speed is appropriate via the Speedtest.
  • Browser Requirements: Download the latest production release of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Please note that Internet Explorer is not compatible.
  • Allow Cookies: Ensure your Microsoft Windows operating system is set up to allow cookies.
  • Enable JavaScript: Enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox or enable JavaScript in Google Chrome.

Step 2: Download and Install the Image Viewer (Visage, Thin Client)

  • Download and install Visage for Windows. Choose Windows 64-bit, unless you have older 32-bit computer.
  • If you are already using Visage, we recommend you install/reinstall the latest version of the Visage Thin-Client.
  • Note: All previous versions of Visage must be uninstalled, before installing the newest version of Visage.

Step 3: During the “Client Login” Process, Fill in the Server Name Only ( Version 7.1.14

  • Do not fill in a User name or Password.
  • Select “Auto Launch” hyperlink to proceed to the next step

Step 4: During the “Auto Launch” Process, Check the Applicable Boxes  Auto Launch Setup

  • “Start Auto Launch Server when I log into the system”
  • “For All Users”
  • “Run Auto Launch Server (server is currently running)”
  • Select “Ok” to proceed to the next step

Step 5: Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers

Step 6: Test Your Workstation SIM Login

  • Open Google Chrome or Firefox and log into the SIM Website:
  • Login using your ACR username and password
    • If you do not remember your ACR credentials, navigate to, click on MyACR and reset your password.  Your username will be included in the password reset email.
  • Select Emergency Trauma
    • General
      • System Check
  • Click on any of the cases to automatically launch the image viewer
  • Confirm that the image viewer launches and that cases are scrolling properly with no lag or latency

Step 7: Taking the SIM

SIM Login

  • Once you have tested your workstation and confirmed your scheduled SIM date and time you will follow these directions to access the SIM.
  • Open Google Chrome or Firefox and log into the SIM Website:
  • Login using your ACR username and password
  • Select General Radiology
    • General
      • Nines SIM 2020 Part 1
      • Nines SIM 2020 Part 2
  • Click on any of the cases to automatically launch the image viewer
  • Once you finish all cases, click on the orange Submit button in the upper right corner.  Sign out after submitting your SIM.
  • If you encounter technical issues at any time, please contact the WIDI SIM Team immediately at 352-594-5405.