Testimonials for CBIR

As an educator in the medical field, I find WIDI Online to be a useful resource for teaching radiology. Its systematic approach to presenting radiology tests is well-structured, making it a perfect supplement to our classroom material. The specific guidelines provided help my students understand complex radiological concepts more clearly. Additionally, the post-case video explanations are a fantastic tool for reinforcing the material covered in the cases. I highly recommend WIDI Online to fellow educators and students for a comprehensive and effective learning experience in radiology. 

Liz Brownlee, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA
Director of Didactic Education, UF School of PA Studies

“I used WIDI CBIR cases to study for my Shelf and Step 2 exams. It was an ideal resource for this purpose, as it walked you step by step through common imaging findings and left you feeling confident you could approach imaging systematically and identify relevant pathology. There was no other resource that served this purpose and being able to target my ability to read images made me feel much more confident on these questions.”

Rebecca Henderson, PhD, 4th Year Medical Student (UF College of Medicine)

“As a second year medical student, WIDI modules have allowed me to fully master my preclinical courses. It is an insightful platform that guides me through real life clinical scenarios and further solidifies my clinical learning. The explanations provided to understand specific imaging findings is outstanding. It is a great way to experience patterns in clinical presentations that truly set you up to be stronger during rotations. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is interested in doing a deeper dive into Radiology and clinical sciences.”

Anjali Patel, 2nd Year Medical Student (UF College of Medicine)

“These WIDI modules have proven to be invaluable on my clinical rotations! I can confidently create a strong differential using common imaging findings and clinical correlations that I have learned through this program. The WIDI modules are truly an amazing learning tool for medical students and trainees alike!” 

John (Jack) Cerillo, 3rd Year Osteopathic Medical Student (Nova Southeastern University)

As a 3rd year medical student, the WIDI modules have been an invaluable resource in learning how various imaging modalities can be applied to a wide array of clinical vignettes. Not only have they helped me become more confident when looking at imaging while on my clinical rotations, but they have also better prepared me for answering questions on standardized exams. The modules are easily digestible for a 3rd year medical student and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to become more comfortable interpreting diagnostic imaging.

Ramos Rivas, 3rd Year Medical Student (UF College of Medicine)