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WIDI Learn – Consultant Path

WIDI Learn – Consultant Path

Join WIDIOnline.com today to examine case studies (based on a particular clinical scenario & modality) and review case images (see how an expert radiologist evaluates a case example & describes […]

WIDI Learn – Educational Path

WIDI Learn – Educational Path

Join WIDIOnline today to utilize its educational path to access report guides (which teach image interpretation & how to write a report for general clinical scenarios) and to access self-evaluation sets […]

See One, Do One, Teach One

See One, Do One, Teach One

WIDI Learn: Learn to observe/assimilate findings. Learn to confidently call a study normal. Learn to make a clear diagnosis. Join us at WIDIOnline.com

WIDI Learn Curriculum Modules

Transcapillary Stroke Image

Hyperacute Transcapillary Stroke

A new learning module has been added to WIDI Learn: Hyperacute Transcapillary Stroke by Dr Ronald Quisling Acute change in neurologic status; Rule out stroke. Login to WIDIOnline to access the […]

Two View Chest Image

Two View Chest

A new learning module has been added to WIDI Learn: Two View Chest by Dr Robbie Slater Chest Pain; Shortness of Breath; Fever; Cough; Hemoptysis; Trauma; Suspect Neoplasm; Line or […]

Neonatal Head Ultrasound Image

Neonatal Head Ultrasound

A new learning module has been added to WIDI Learn: Neonatal Head Ultrasound by Dr Dhana Rajderkar Premature Infant/Neonate on ECMO – look for intracranial bleed. Login to WIDIOnline to access […]