WIDI Learn utilizes a competency based educational approach designed to eliminate observational and interpretive errors. Users learn to observe/assimilate findings, confidently call a study normal, and make a clear diagnosis by accessing report guides, utilizing self evaluation sets, examining case studies, and reviewing case images.

The content on WIDI Learn was designed using modern adult learning theories, including Bloom’s Taxonomy. The diagram illustrates how WIDI users gain increasingly complex knowledge and skills.

Learners are presented with a study concept based on a clinical scenario. They are then guided through examples of image review and interpretation by a knowledgeable subspecialist. The next step allows users to test their knowledge and skills through practice cases, with instructor feedback provided at each step.

  • Search Pattern Assist presents an introductory lecture, discussing tasks, report content, anatomy, and physiology for a given clinical scenario.
  • Case Examples provide a full imaging study and case report, along with a five-minute video of a subspecialist reviewing the findings.
  • Case Practice Sets present learners with a real patient case, complete with background and full imaging study. They then must answer a series of questions about relevant findings, with key images included at each step. Feedback about their responses is provided, along with a video of an expert reviewing the case.