WIDI Learn / Consult


Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Initiative

WIDI Learn was developed after a comprehensive statistical analysis of SIM results revealed significant deficiencies common across all participating programs. We are addressing these deficiencies by implementing modern and innovative learning tools with which residents will:

  • Learn to observe/assimilate findings
  • Learn to confidently call a study normal
  • Learn to make a clear diagnosis


WIDI Learn encompasses two primary goals:

  • To eliminate observational errors due to undisciplined image review
  • To eliminate interpretive errors due to a lack of training in reasoning and critical thinking based on available facts

Learning Paths

Two separate and distinct learning paths are available:

  • Educational Path

Access Report Guides. Our report guides teach image interpretation and how to write a report for general clinical scenarios using an organized approach.

Utilize Self-Evaluation Sets. Our self-evaluation sets enable you to quiz yourself on what you’ve learned.

  • Consultant Path

Examine Case Studies. Multiple case studies for each particular clinical scenario and modality are available.

Review Case Images. See how an expert radiologist evaluates a case example and describes the findings and impressions in a report and video discussion.

WIDI Learn Brochure