Wisdom in Diagnostic Imaging is your source for a comprehensive set of modern learning tools. This includes:


An Emergent/Critical Care Imaging Simulation that is a strategically designed computer aided simulation of an emergency imaging experience that has been rigorously tested and proven to be a reliable and validated means to assess resident preparedness to proceed to the next level of their training – to competently and independently cover Radiology consulting for the hospital, with “phone supervision” from home by attendings, on the overnight shift in the reading room – a specialty specific Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA).

WIDI Learn

A competency based educational approach designed to eliminate observational and interpretive errors. Residents learn to observe/assimilate findings, confidently call a study normal, and make a clear diagnosis by accessing report guides, utilizing self evaluation sets, examining case studies, and reviewing case images.

Curriculum in Radiology Reporting

Web-based tutorial modules that provide instruction and guidelines for reporting and for certain types of interpersonal communication skills.