Available Modules

New learning modules are being routinely added to WIDI Learn. Access the modules by creating a free WIDI Learn account at WIDIOnline.

Current curriculum modules include:


  • Abdominal Plain Film


  • Interpretation of Screening Mammography


  • Acetabular Fractures
  • Elbow: Pediatric Traumatic Acute
  • Miscellaneous Pelvic Pain
  • Pediatric Pelvic Trauma & Pain
  • Pelvic Ring Injuries
  • Proximal Femur Fractures
  • Adult Extremities
  • Pediatric Extremities


  • Brain: Hyperacute Arterial Stroke
  • Brain: Hyperacute Venous Stroke
  • Brain: Hyperacute Transcapillary Stroke
  • Brain: Neonatal Head Ultrasound
  • ENT: Acute Otomastoiditis
  • ENT: Maxillofacial Trauma
  • ENT: Ocular Motility
  • ENT: Ocular & Optic Nerve/Sheath Trauma
  • ENT: Ocular & Orbital Inflammation Conditions
  • ENT: Pharyngeal, Neck & Facial Infections
  • ENT: Sinonasal Complex Infections
  • ENT: Temporal Bone Trauma
  • ENT: Temporal Bone & Skull Base Osteomyelitis


  • AP Portable Chest
  • Two View Chest