IT Guidelines

In advance of the SIM, please setup your workstation(s) as outlined below. We recommend setting up and testing workstations at least a week in advance to allow time for troubleshooting, if necessary.

Step 1: Confirm Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: We are only able to deliver the SIM using the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Hardware (PC) Requirements: 

CPU: 1GHz Intel processor, or faster

Memory (RAM): 8GB

Monitors: Two 19” monitors w/ 1280 X 1024 (4:3) or 1440 X 900 (16:10) resolution. Please note that two monitors are required – one to display the data entry screen and one to display the image viewer. The SIM will not function properly if only one monitor is used.

  • Minimum Internet Connection Requirements: At least 20 megabits; Ensure your speed is appropriate via the Speedtest.
  • Browser Requirements: Download the latest production release of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Please note that the SIM does not run on Internet Explorer.
  • Allow Cookies: Ensure your Microsoft Windows operating system is set up to allow cookies.
  • Enable JavaScript: Enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox or enable JavaScript in Google Chrome.

Step 2: Download and Install the Image Viewer (Visage, Thin Client)

  • For programs not using Visage at their institution: Download and install Visage for Windows. Choose Windows 64-bit, unless you have older 32-bit computer.
  • For programs already using Visage at their institution: Check the Visage version number that your institution is using. However, we recommend to install/reinstall the latest version of the Visage Thin-Client. If your institution is using a different version number, please contact us for alternative options.
  • Note: All previous versions of Visage must be uninstalled, before installing the newest version of Visage.

Step 3: During the “Client Login” Process, Fill in the Server Name Only

  • Server Name:
  • Do not fill in a User name or Password.
  • Select “Auto Launch” hyperlink to proceed to the next step

Step 4: During the “Auto Launch” Process, Check the Applicable Boxes  
Auto Launch Setup

  • “Start Auto Launch Server when I log into the system”
  • “For All Users”
  • “Run Auto Launch Server (server is currently running)”
  • Select “Ok” to proceed to the next step

Step 5: Open Google Chrome or Firefox browser on your SIM workstation (Internet Explorer is NOT supported)
SIM Login

Step 6: Access the SIM 

  • Select Emergency Trauma > General > System Check
  • Click on any of the cases to automatically launch the image viewer
  • Confirm that the image viewer launches and that cases are scrolling properly with no lag or latency

Step 7: Reset the System For Each Resident 

  • After each resident completes the SIM, clear the cache on the workstation and then completely reboot the system so that it’s ready for the next resident to take the SIM